Thursday, November 12, 2009

Robots, Lasagna Gardens and Works in Progress

View from the kitchen window. Makes washing pots and pans pleasant.

We've enjoyed some fall veggies from the garden - kale, lettuce, still lots of beets and carrots - and are creating a couple of new beds for next season using the "no-dig" or "lasagna-layering" method. It has nothing to do with yummy Italian food (except maybe the dishes with good vegetables). It's basically making a compost bed - layers of green (like hay, grass clippings) alternated with layers of brown (leaves, compost, manure). We were motivated by Kevin and Laurel's gorgeous gardens next door, and the pain of roto-tilling this soil which is so dense and full of clay. We thought we'd give their technique a try!

First trip to the Feed and Seed Store.
Shoveling a truckload of goat----

Jackie and Caroline have been working on a deck for the entry to the basement (future apartment, we hope). And the woodshed's almost finished...

We had a robot visitor for Halloween. ("I come in peace!")

Jackie made a beautiful box for the kindling.

Hard to believe we've been here almost a year!