Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting Ready for the Hunkering Down...

We've canned peaches (from Caroline's trees next door), made apple butter, frozen yummy greens, and stacked firewood.

The siding on the house is finally finished, ready for winter winds.

We've had more great visits from people we love and miss.

Kevin and Laurel got chicks, so we're looking forward to really fresh eggs.

We had mixed results as novice gardeners - the carrots and beets are outstanding, but we don't talk about the onions or broccoli - and we're already fantasizing about a greenhouse. Fresh lettuce in the winter, mmm...

(Photo credits to Dana, who can make even our humble veggies look stunning! And some photos by Elizabeth and Jackie.)

We mourn the loss of Jackie's beloved mom, Josephine - a wonderful, warm woman. She passed away peacefully on August 19, surrounded by people who loved her. We will miss her very much.