Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mucho Mulch

We got a beautiful pile of mulch (we've got a lot of mud to cover!) from the C & M Sawmill, where we ordered hemlock to do our siding. We're going to do board and batten siding - vertical boards, also called barn siding. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there's a lot of hemlock that's been cut down because of the pest the woolly adelgid. It turned out to be the most economical option for us, and we think we'll like it better than the other choices we had considered, stucco or hardiplank.
We've been working on the office and Jackie's studio - we had a ladder/stairway built to get up to the loft.
And Deco supervises from her doggie bed!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Chaos

We are slowly and gratefully making our way through boxes and bags (why can we find all kinds of useless chachkes but not the important paperwork we need), and settling into our new home. Can't remember what day it is, but it's starting to feel like we were always here. We spend time talking with neighbors about compost and squash bores (take a guess), and are loving our comfortably warm radiant floor heat on the colder days. This weekend, temps go back up into the 60's. We think it's hilarious that 2 inches of snow brings everything to a halt, but altitude does matter - we are at the cutoff, it seems, so we don't get the big snow and ice. Lotsa mud, though!

We painted with Sherwin Williams low voc brands - Harmony and Duration. Definitely less fume-y, but there are types with no voc's - harder to clean, we hear, and more expensive.

We've got a nice pile of firewood, some seasoned and the rest getting there. Getting ready to make some raised beds and start some seeds inside.

We couldn't have gotten here without the fabulous support of friends and family! Thank you all a million times - we really do wish you were here, and hope you will be eventually!